OPI. How to talk (now) when you can’t speak.

Over 72% of the world does not speak English. In addition, many countries in Asia and Africa—such as Nigeria, India and the Philippines — use English as their business, education or broadcasting language – and often native speakers cannot easily understand foreigners’ accents. Plus, in the US, millions of immigrants speak little or no English.

In many cases, an immediate conversation can help…

seal a deal
negotiate a contract
resolve issues with limited-English employees
obtain critical supplies from an overseas vendor
talk to a non-English client about an urgent problem
help diagnose a medical emergency …

…and more.

Over-the-Phone interpreting (OPI) solves these and many other issues. 

Using a toll-free number and a PIN, OPI connects you within seconds to a professional telephone interpreter so you can hold a three-way conversation …. either remotely or by putting the interpreter on speakerphone if your non-English person is in your office.

Available 365/24/ 7 in over 100 languages and dialects, all OPI interpreters are vetted, trained, know Business and Healthcare terminology, and maintain 100% confidentiality.

Rates are low at around $1/minute, depending on the kind of organization (nonprofit, government, private sector, etc.) you are, plus a minor monthly Admin charge (between $15 and $50) to prepare call documentation and depending on how many calls you make. And with no monthly subscription, No usage = No billing. Very simple!

If you prefer to host a Zoom meeting, we can provide interpreters for that also (preferably with two-three days’ notice)…as well as for on-site meetings or large conferences, anywhere in the nation or the world.

While verbal communication is difficult enough, written signs overseas can also be unclear, as in these wonderful examples:

  • Welcom Turist. We spik Inglish.
  • Grilled Sexual Harassment.
  • Spring onion 2.95 / Fresh herpes 0.95
Obviouslly, those group did not rely on Auerbach International to provide professional translations with guaranteed accuracy in over 120 languages using methods perfected over three decades.
Please request a free quote for your translation and interpreting needs or call us at 415 592 0042 x 107.

And to enroll in OPI, please contact Chris Hempel at 415 592 0042 x 125 or email him at Chris@Auerbach-Intl.com.

With appreciation,
Philip Auerbach
Founder, President and CEO

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