How World Mindsets affect Business Success: Dr. Liz Nuñez of Pivot Rx

Dr. Liz Nuñez

China, the Arab world, Nicaragua and more. Having worked with clients in 62 countries, Dr. Liz Nuñez owns the international consultancy Pivot Rx that helps overseas businesses enter the US and English-speaking markets. Her interview presents a wealth of amazing knowledge about global mindsets and business practices. What do serious foreigners assume when they interact with laid-back Americans? What cultural trait often causes Americans and Chinese to clash? How do voice tone and body language affect communications worldwide? How does a US Latina do business with Arab men? How does a young-looking American establish credibility with older executives abroad? What US gestures have very different meanings elsewhere? What causes many confident foreign business people to fear speaking English? What should you do when served some food you don’t want to eat? How should you follow up after a meeting with overseas prospects? Dr. Liz answers these questions and many others based on her personal approach to “keep moving forward.”

Dr. Liz Nunez Bio

Dr. Liz Nunez is an awarded consultant, strategist, coach, and educator who has been featured in numerous publications and journals. She is the founder of the consulting firm The Pivot Rx, co-founder of English Speaking 101, and co-founder of the International Society of English Language Learners™ – the largest private continuing education community and association worldwide, with over 1.5 million English language learners. She is creatively pioneering the future of English as a second language with her Neuro-Pathology™ methods and helping diverse businesses pivot and scale in foreign markets with ease.

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Full Transcript

So, hello everyone. Since today’s guest teaches English to businesspeople and international leaders, I thought it would be beneficial to give an example of accurate words used in a way that English speakers would never use them. And so, this is a blooper, of course, a sign on the top of a Beijing hospital. Underneath the Chinese characters is the Hospital for Anus and Intestinal Disease, not exactly how English speakers would use the language.

Today’s guest is Victoria Rennoldson from London. Victoria supports international leaders and managers to become confident in their communication and cultural intelligence to impact their results, performance, and career growth. She is the co-founder and CEO of Perfect Cuppa English in London, with private clients primarily in the UK, Europe, and Asia. She is also an expert speaker and writer on communication and culture, and she shares how to build communication and cultural confidence in key business situations to increase the share of voice and visibility in a way that connects and builds relationships.

So welcome, Victoria. I’m delighted that you’re with us.

Thank you very much, Philip, and it’s nice to join you from London, UK.

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