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September is here and children have returned to school inspiring many parents to hum to the tune of the song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. September is a contradictory month; warm summer days followed by cool fall nights. It’s the month when both Be Late for Something Day and Fight Procrastination Day are observed. While Labor Day is the major US holiday, September is rife with exciting observances such as:

Sewing Machine Day
Crush a Can Day
National Mud Pack Day

Like contradictory holidays, incorrect translations create disastrous misunderstandings for your customers and global business partners. A company once distributed an announcement heralding a major facility expansion in Brazil that was incorrectly translated to “failed construction repairs”. To make matters worse, the document was translated from English into Spanish, not into Portuguese, the language of Brazil. The errors of a discount translator can add insult to injury for the innocent client organization. The following mistakes are perfect examples of translations gone bad:

No problem following these instructions!

My hands aren't getting anywhere near the feces!

And if they did, I guess I'd be forced to Satanize my hands for all of eternity.

And then, the contradictory instruction of carefully banging my head?

Whether you’re announcing a business expansion to a prospective customer or drafting a contract for that customer, making sure the document is translated properly is essential. Miscommunications caused by incorrect translations (such as by AI only or by amateurs) can cost your organization embarrassment and the loss of business. The fix is simple: Employ the services of a professional translation firm like Auerbach International with A+ service you can trust.

Translation errors may be funny when they concern bicycle parking instructions but not when those errors are in a technical manual for a multimillion dollar piece of industrial equipment. Avoid unnecessary, damaging and potentially dangerous mistranslations by investing in a top quality firm with 3 decades of exceptional customer service and over 2 billion words translated. Your frustrations will disappear, gone along with your head banging, carefully conducted or not!

Please email us or give us a call. We’re dedicated to your success.

A final thought: “Any of us has the capacity to light up a room. Some when they enter it, others when they leave it.”

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