auerbach intl blogNovember marks the start of the holiday season and Thanksgiving may be the favorite holiday of them all. As the day that we celebrate the gifts of family, friends and food, Thanksgiving is second to none. It’s no surprise that there are universal themes that Thanksgiving evokes – the words that describe those themes may, at times, be unfamiliar but the meaning behind each is well known.

So, kick back, relax and consider some international truths that you’ll encounter on November 25th!

Cooking the Thanksgiving meal is a ritual shared across generations. Here Ana and Grandma Brigette are polderen, even though Ana is a devout vegetarian. What is “polderen”? A quick check on your smart phone won’t tell you because polderen is a Dutch phrase with no English equivalent. It means people with opposing views working together to achieve a goal. Here, a perfectly roasted Turkey.



Your guests have finished their meals and everyone is having a wonderful time, enjoying sobremesa. But what is sobremesa? Your cousin took Spanish in high school and would tell you that sobremesa is “dessert,” which it isn’t. A professional translator would explain that Sobremesa is the Spanish custom of lingering after a meal, engaging in conversation.



The evening has concluded and your guests so enjoyed the meal that they now have what Georgians call “shemomechama”. Don’t look to Google Translate for “shemomechama” because there is no English version of the term. A Georgian translator would explain that “shemomechama” means “discomfort caused by continuing to eat when you’re full.”

Whether you’re polderen with another vendor partner to close a large international sale or shemomechama from the celebratory team dinner brought about by that sale, making sure you have accurate communications is crucial to your success. No online app or Spanish 101-proficient cousin will ensure that your message is perfect in word as well as in meaning like a formally trained, Auerbach International translation professional. Give us a call or send us an email. We’re ready to help you succeed even if we can’t cure your shemomechama.

To all a happy, healthy and relaxing Thanksgiving!


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