Having an international marketing plan in only one language could severely limit the reach of your brand. For example, both domestically and abroad, there are nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish.

Think of all the customers who could be served by utilizing the services of a language professional for your international marketing plan.

There are over 80 major languages that are used in the business world. Keep reading to find out how to reach the billions of customers outside your network.

Expanding Your Market

If you find yourself shipping products beyond the borders of your home country, it’s a necessity to be able to communicate about your products and offerings.

You may want to work with customers you feel you have the most in common with, but you also want to avoid bias. Language bias could alienate your customers. It could also leave them feeling underrepresented in their company.

The solution is to prepare a customer service strategy to welcome new and potential customers.

In the United States, many companies have realized that their main market is Spanish-speaking. After decades, they’ve begun to focus on that market.

As the world continues to globalize, more people from various countries welcome new immigrants. The products that stick out to new consumers will be the ones that speak their language.

For instance, being the first dish detergent or car company to welcome new immigrants in their own language could build a lifetime of brand loyalty.

Adding Translation to Your Company

Consider hiring a professional translator who is a native of the language market you’re targeting. It’s important to have someone who is comfortable with idioms and regional slang.

They will help you write clearer text about products and translate your training materials.

Technology, legal, and medical companies must hire someone who is well versed in those fields. This can eliminate confusion or problematic wording.

A full-time in-house translator might be too expensive for your company. Instead, find part-time translator services as needed. It is to your advantage to outsource this task to  professional translation services who specialize in this type of work.

A member of your team who has moderate translation skills is not enough. Finding someone who knows a culture intimately is a much more worthwhile investment. A translation company is such a service.

Make sure you’re communicating the concepts and not simply literal translation, which can be a turn-off and confuse your intended message.

Adding Translation to Your Website

Add search engine optimization to take advantage of the foreign language market. Then be sure you’ve added language translation options to your website.

You want to ensure that foreign language speakers can understand why your product works for them and how it fits into their life.

A website without the possibility to translate can be alienating and drive their business to a competitor. Get your translator in touch with your web design team to ensure that the site looks good for your new international market.

An International Marketing Plan Increases Profits

If language is your main hurdle to expanding into European, African or Asian markets, you’re lucky. This is a simple problem that you can overcome by working with a language professional.

Expand your market by adding translation services to your videos, website, and marketing materials. Contact us to determine how to grow your brand with language services.

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