auerbach intl blogWelcome back to our irregularly scheduled programming:

Here we are in the dog days of summer with a devastating hurricane, a tragic pandemic and an election cycle that’s as bitter as any in recent memory – it’s time to raise our spirits with a little bit of humor!

I’m sure the following applies equally to soup consumers of all genders >

And we thought flavored vapes were bad >

It would appear that one CAN be too cautious >

...but you can never be too careful when hiring a translation or language services partner.  Nothing can sour a deal or offend a customer or confuse an employee faster than the inaccurate translation of a document or a website.  For more than thirty years, we have seen crucial mistakes cost organizations both money and relationships.  This is why we hold our staff to the highest caliber of performance.  The Auerbach International team is comprised of professional linguists with graduate degrees or the equivalent and each has been in the industry for at least a decade.  Whether your business manages office buildings, manufactures tech or consumer products, or provides healthcare or legal services, we are here to get your multilingual communications right the first time, every time.

So, when you’re in need of an expert language partner who provides the finest, most personalized service in the business, Auerbach International is your communications partner now and in the future.  Give us a call or visit us at .

Thank you and be safe ~


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