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Thank you for your interest in our solutions. This page is for Auerbach Automated Translation (AAT). All translations are 100% computer-generated @ $.06/word. For our professional linguistic solutions, please click here.

Automated machine translation works best for simple projects to get the gist of what something says in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog. It is generally good when your text has straight-forward, technical vocabulary going into those languages. However, MT is pretty literal and does not convey expressions or non-concrete concepts well. [“If you are on the fence about ordering our product…” becomes machine translated literally as, “If you are on top of the fence about if to order our product…”, which does not convey the meaning “undecided.”]

MT should not be used when needing cultural nuances or precision. In most cases, its mistakes can make your websites or customer-facing media look unprofessional, which can damage your company’s reputation.

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