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As companies re-engage during life after (or with) Covid, in-person conferences are igniting again.

Since around 72% of the world does not speak English, conferences with international participants must rely on simultaneous interpreting [spoken communication] to convey speakers’ messages immediately in attendees’ languages. And that process can involve interpreters’ booths, participants’ multi-channel headsets (one for each language), and pre- and post-session arrangements.

Since conferences usually involve highly technical subjects, only the most trained, experienced interpreters with expert knowledge of that terminology in all languages are required … which Auerbach International has many years of expertise in arranging.

We can also arrange Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (via Zoom) for online conferences, seminars and workshops.

It may seem easier to do it yourself until you begin to add up all the details and the risks. A well-run meeting or event creates a lasting impression, reinforces a message, builds teamwork, drives sales, and achieves a result that translates to the bottom line.

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What can go wrong?

While US State Department interpreters are supposed to be the cream of the crop, sometimes even they are not vetted properly. During his 1977 trip to Communist Poland, US President Carter’s interpreter made some huge diplomatic blunders. When Carter said he was happy to be in Poland, the interpreter said he was happy to grasp at Poland’s private parts. When the President said he wanted to understand the Polish people’s desires for the future, the interpreter said that Carter “desired the Poles.”

With our 30-year reputation for excellence and A+ accuracy, our interpreters fortunately have never made such bloopers, enormous or minor.

Whether for a week-long conference or a multi-lingual Zoom webinar, please contact us to arrange error-free and worry-free conference interpreting for your upcoming event.

And if you need to speak to a limited English speaker now, we offer Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI). OPI is the perfect solution, operating at 365/24/7 in 100+ languages. You are connected instantly with a telephone interpreter in a three-way conversation for just cents per minute. No subscription; Just use it as you need it.



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