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Newsletter – April 2016

This Month’s Featured Video ROLE OF NATIVE SPEAKERS IN TRANSLATION      SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE Many companies assume that they can rely on overseas distributors or in-house native speakers to translate documentation or localize website content. That can work if done correctly, but usually the process isn’t. People don’t appreciate how difficult translations can […]

Bloopers #9


Many decades ago, a lady approached Pablo Picasso in a Paris park and asked him to do her portrait. He agreed, quickly drew her likeness, and requested $800. “How can you charge so much?,” she protested. “It took you only five minutes.” “Yes,” Picasso replied. “But it also took 25 years of practice.” Most people […]

Blooper #7

If you are new to Auerbach International, you will receive our quick-read, informative and humorous e-newsletters on language or global marketing topics once or twice a month.   We usually present topics in depth – such as our recent series on Language Myths and Realities as well as Business Opportunities in Africa, an often overlooked […]

Blooper #8

Whether you have been with Auerbach International for many years or are recently joining us, we are pleased to present another of our Biweekly Bloopers. As you can tell, the slight misuse of a word – even by people who profess to know English well – can have a very unintended meaning. This is another […]

Bloopers #3

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This is another example of how wrong wording can damage your brand… and why only professional linguists — not amateurs or students — are essential to convey your message, especially for business. Reminder: Our new mobile app carries special offers. Please download it at the Apple app store or on the Google play store. Simply […]