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AI and Blooper Double Meanings: See what can go wrong


Every language has expressions. And AI captures most, but not all of them. For example: “J’ai la pêche” in French literally means “I have the peach.” But it can also mean “I feel good” which AI versions don’t provide. In English, “I feel like a spring chicken” means that I’m feeling young and vibrant. But put […]

Construindo uma Ponte para o Mundo


No cenário empresarial global de hoje, a comunicação é a chave para O sucesso. Imagine a capacidade de desbloquear mercados e conectar-se…

Satanic Bike Handling and Head Banging – Friday Funnies have Arrived!


September is here and children have returned to school inspiring many parents to hum to the tune of the song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. September is a contradictory month; warm summer days followed by cool fall nights. It’s the month when both Be Late for Something Day and Fight Procrastination Day […]

Global Tips and Airport Bloopers


As was presented last month, our August newsletter explores some new concepts to help your global expansion. International Marketing According to our recent Global Gurus podcast with Ricardo Franco, in Mexico, marketing should be oriented to the well-being of the family, not just the individual. An example is large employers that provide grocery store discount […]

Rescuing 5,000 Victims from Sex Traffickers with Paul Hutchinson, Founder of the Child Liberation Foundation

Paul Hutchinson

Summary: Episode 70
Paul Hutchinson, the primary investor and executive producer of the film Sound of Freedom which is a composite of various true stories, played a critical role in the rescue of over 120 victims in Colombia from child trafficking organizations. That event inspired him to start the Child Liberation Foundation, an organization actively involved in the fight against child trafficking, a form of modern slavery which engulfs over 10 million children worldwide….

Advantages of Mexico, with Ricardo Franco Romo of PRODENSA

Summary: Episode 69
Ricardo Franco Romo, Global Commercial Director of PRODENSA, explains the many advantages of setting up operations in Mexico, a significant investment destination for US and foreign companies due to its strong economy, stable macroeconomic factors and vastly improved infrastructure. In 2023, Mexican exports were $500 billion with 86% coming to the US. Ricardo also shares the many special bonuses that employees receive; issues of corporate…

Reebok and other Global Brands in Mexico with Teo Husemann

Teo Husemann

Summary: Episode 68
Teo Husemann, the head of Reebok in Mexico, shares his experiences with a global strategy and local execution. He explains how Reebok’s marketing is similar to the US but has different channels, e-commerce, and seasonality. Marketing issues involve distribution; segmenting for each channel; pricing; different user experiences among Addias, ASICS and Reebok; the uncertainty of duties and taxes, and political considerations. Having…