How to Market a Global City with Zabeth Teelucksingh, President of the Global Philadelphia Association

Zabeth Teelucksingh

Summary: Episode 51
What does it take to market an entire city vs. a company or product? Ms. Zabeth Teelucksingh is President of the Global Philadelphia Association through which she helped obtain the designation of Philadelphia as a World Heritage City. Home of the United States’ most famous UNESCO world heritage site, Zabeth explains that a globally-centered region increases knowledge of workers and real estate values and encourages educators and…

Why Starbucks failed and Why Culture Matters


Starbuck’s is the popular US coffee chain that entered Australia.Bunnings is an Australian chain of hardware stores that entered the UK.All three countries — the US, UK and Australia — share variations of the same language and share a common Anglo heritage. Yet both ventures failed massively. The reasons deal with culture and faulty market-entry […]

Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders with Christine Gouchault, author of Business Mum

Christine Gouchault

Summary: Episode 50
How can female entrepreneurs manage their businesses and their families at the same time? How do companies sell to many nationalities with the same product or service? Denmark-based Christine Gouchault, the author of Business Mum [“Business Mom” for Americans] and a major sales director and coach, explains how non-subsidized women are usually more successful, and shows sales methods for various countries and communication…

Booming Business in the New India with Gunjan Bagla of Amritt, Inc.

Gunjan Bagla

Summary: Episode 49
Now the world’s fifth largest and fastest growing economy, India has become the major alternative to China and specializes in “friendshoring,” placing overseas operations in friendly countries. Gunjan Bagla, CEO of the California consultancy Amritt Inc., describes the billions of dollars being earned by biotech and hi-tech firms such as Medtronic, Apple, Dell, IBM, Honeywell and Oracle. More diverse than the US, Gunjan describes how India has become an …

Beware! Panic! It’s that Dangerous Friday Funnies Ides of March Missing Foot!


March has arrived like a Lion. Hopefully, you’re enjoying a roaring start to this month. With March’s arrival, spring is within reach. March brings a renewal of business relationships and fresh, new opportunities for growth. It’s the month when companies like ours celebrate National Proofreading Day, and when yours may enthusiastically welcome the arrival of… […]

Major Issues in Global Software Development: Ramsey Pryor of Port of Entry Partners

Imagen Auerbach podcast-Ramsey Pryor-Ep48

Summary: Episode 48
While most US companies’ focus is domestic, most US software firms derive at least 60% of their revenues abroad. Ramsey Pryor, the founder of California-based Port of Entry Partners, guides software firms into international markets, highlighting successes and pitfalls. Ramsey explains software companies’ traditional (“waterfall”) and contemporary (“agile”) methods of product development, and presents issues about adaptation, globalization, internationalization, and having global support teams … as well as critical questions around product acculturation which many…

4 vantagens em contratar uma agência de Idiomas


Por que você deve priorizar o uso dos serviços de uma agência de tradução profissional ao invés de um tradutor freelancer ou automático? A resposta curta está em 4 pontos importantes que você deve saber…

Entre altos y bajos


Es posible que ya esté al tanto de que los traductores tienden a especializarse en el área de traducción en la que trabajan. Aunque ámbitos como la traducción médica y científi ca son muy técnicos…

The Disciplined Listening Method with Michael Reddington, President of InQuasive

Michael Reddington

Summary: Episode 47
How do you get people to reveal their true intentions and their true motivations during sales negotiations, interviews, or even interrogations? Michael Reddington, the CEO of InQuasive, has worked in over 50 countries teaching these techniques. Ultimately, he says, it is about saving face, establishing credibility and trust, and knowing the primary goal. How to get there becomes the issue. While he taps into the universality of human experience, he also talks…

Determining the most Viable Overseas Markets with Cynthia Dearin, Founder of Dearin & Associates

podcast-Cynthia Dearin-Ep46

Summary: Episode 46
As a global business strategist, Australia-based Cynthia Dearin has a process that helps companies determine the most viable overseas markets to enter and a series of steps to enter them. While “overnight success” can take ten years and a minimal commitment of three, she emphasizes that “simple scales and complex fails.” In this episode, Cynthia discusses her long experience in Arab countries, whether being a young female was a detriment there…