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Why You Need a Language Professional for Your International Marketing Plan


Having an international marketing plan in only one language could severely limit the reach of your brand. For example, both domestically and abroad, there are nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish. Think of all the customers who could be served by utilizing the services of a language professional for your international marketing plan. […]

10 Steps to Successful Global Expansion


To start global expansion overseas, it’s first important to start at home. You must be willing to dedicate manpower and money for these fundamentals … and to adapt to what works abroad. Read on to learn the 10 key steps we’ve identified as essential to your business success. Evaluate Your Names and Slogans in Other […]

Go Global: Tips to Localizing Your Market for the Global Marketing


International Localization for Global Businesses   International Localization refers to the adaptation of a product, application or document content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market at a global level. No matter how prepared you are for a marketing campaign, failing to reach your target audience can lead to your demise. This […]

Language Myths and Realities, Part 1: Websites & Volunteers


Over our 25 years, many clients have come to us after discovering that their presumed money-saving methods are more costly after all. This article is the first in a series to expose some common myths about rendering languages so that your firm can do it right…and gain more revenue targeting ethnic and global markets correctly. […]

A Benefit for our HR-industry Clients

As a benefit to our clients and prospects in the HR industry, Auerbach International is pleased to bring you a unique, one-stop resource. Background The landscape for HR products and services is continually changing due to technological advances, creative thinking, changing regulations, new research, globalization, more accurate / available information, agile ways of conducting business […]

Website Conversion – Don’ts & Do’s

CONVERTING YOUR WEBSITE INTO OTHER LANGUAGES – Don’ts and Do’s   How much revenue will you gain by preparing your website into the languages of your potential customers? How much will you lose by not doing it…. or assuming that the whole world speaks English? [FYI, Only about 27% of world internet users do. Please click […]

The NBA Golden State Warriors Team with Auerbach International


Auerbach International is extremely proud to announce its partnership with the NBA’s (National Basketball Association’s) Golden State Warriors, based in the Bay Area. In October 2013, the Warriors will take on the Los Angeles Lakers in Beijing’s MasterCard Center on October 15 and in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena on October 18 during two pre-season games this […]

MARKETING TO HISPANIC AMERICANS: Global Market Here at Home What Works: Part 2 of 2


Stats Recap from Part I In 2012, the US had approximately 50 million Hispanics, an increase of almost 50% over 2002. In addition, around 10-11 million more are living here undocumented. One in six US adults is Hispanic and Hispanics have a collective buying power $1.3 trillion annually. Targeting the US Hispanic market can be […]

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