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AI and Blooper Double Meanings: See what can go wrong


Every language has expressions. And AI captures most, but not all of them. For example: “J’ai la pêche” in French literally means “I have the peach.” But it can also mean “I feel good” which AI versions don’t provide. In English, “I feel like a spring chicken” means that I’m feeling young and vibrant. But put […]

Satanic Bike Handling and Head Banging – Friday Funnies have Arrived!


September is here and children have returned to school inspiring many parents to hum to the tune of the song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. September is a contradictory month; warm summer days followed by cool fall nights. It’s the month when both Be Late for Something Day and Fight Procrastination Day […]

Global Tips and Airport Bloopers


As was presented last month, our August newsletter explores some new concepts to help your global expansion. International Marketing According to our recent Global Gurus podcast with Ricardo Franco, in Mexico, marketing should be oriented to the well-being of the family, not just the individual. An example is large employers that provide grocery store discount […]

“Deciding” OPI, Brazil and Cars: Translation issues you never thought of.


“I’m on the fence about coming to your party.” A very simple sentence to translate, right? Not exactly. To be “on the fence” is an English expression meaning “to be undecided” about something. And if you put the sentence into Google Translate and then put those translations back into English to see whether they are […]

Critical lessons for doing business abroad: Global Gurus’ expertise – Part 3


With over 11,000 downloads during our 15-month life, the 60+ episodes of our Global Gurus podcast provide outstanding insights into a huge array of international business topics. To facilitate your own expansion, below is a sample of the treasure trove you will find: How can you avoid bribery when foreign norms require it? Learn from the fascinating […]

Critical lessons for doing business abroad: Global Gurus’ expertise – Part 2


During its first 14 months, our podcast, Global Gurus: Stories of International Business, has produced almost 60 episodes and 9500 downloads. Each episode presents an audio, video and transcript as well as lots of other useful information. Translating your content into your prospects’ or customers’ languages is an essential element of global business. After all, […]